## LPN9
The year is 3812. You were built with one purpose, to find and rescue Ada.
Why send a robot? Because the journey to Hades is probably impossible. But maybe this little robot can.

Remember, you are making your way through the Underworld. You will encounter dangerous DragZards and Fire. You will have to traverse the many layers as you travel down.

Down, down, down until finding more and more doors down. Until you find an exit that leads to Ada.

## LPN9 : Controls
* Use a Joystick! It's so much better.
* A - Jump (keyboard space or c)
* B - Electric Jolt (keyboard z)
* Y - Hang on a wall (keyboard x)

## LPN9 : Game Elements
Your batteries are your life, without them you won't make it. Tjhey will drain over time, but are refilled upon being transported to a new level. Beware, getting hit by a DragZard takes about a full battery of energy

## LPN9 : Hints
* You are not the first, those who came before left a breadcrumb through the exits
* There could be places to charge up, they may not be on the path, but they may help
* You are going down into Underworld, so each level you start at the top, and need to find a safe way down.

## Game

  • Completed for [7DLR Challenge](https://itch.io/jam/7drl-challenge-2018)
  • [Completed as a solo dev.
  • Lots of first time stuff I tried here:
  • Spent a ton of time working on joystick controls 
  • Created all the assets and music myself
  • Created all particle effects 

## Tech

  • Unity
  • GarageBand
  • Aseprite


LPN9-PCNew.zip 17 MB
LPN9-MacNew.zip 22 MB

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