2018-03-05 : Weekend Coding

Fun and productive weekend. Used the time to wrap up some of the initial hard parts.

The Maze

  • The Map is generated using some maze code I found here:
  • It then checks for walls and creates an array for the wall valuse
  • Those values are then used to place grids w/ a tilemap which is just 4 walls of a room
  • The array then iterates through and removes the correct walls form the correct rooms
  • Then the A* pathfinding is used to map out the path to the exit
  • Next the rooms are populated one of multiple possible room designs for that room type (North wall, North and South wall, etc)
  • Then the rooms are randomly populated using some pre-placed locations and random generation for their contents

The Mechanics

  • I am not totally happy with the controls yet. Spent a lot of time on joystick inputs. Still not there.

Pixel Art

  • Having a blast with pixel art. Not sure all of this will make it into the game, but I'll post some of the stuff here.


The Particle Effects

  • This evening I decided to work on a particle effect. Found an old blog post here that was really helpful.
  • I'm really happy with the results.

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