A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Time goes quick, got to this point in under a week, only really had a few evenings and a weekend to work on this. Had to let things like menus, audio controls, story, and a few other things go so I could complete something playable and I wanted to focus on.

  • Unity's new Input System.
  • Unity's new Animation 2D
  • Unity and FMOD integration, including parameters (as the health lowers, notice the music 'changes')
  • No time for original music, so did some editing and looping with https://freepd.com/epic.php Hit N Smash. Nice Stuff.


* Update based on some feedback

  • Bucket is now active with B
  • Character KnockBack


Arson1.1Mac.zip 29 MB
Arson1.1PC.zip 29 MB


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Thanks for the feedback, made some updates.

No problem! Glad you're keeping at it.


Great work! Love the graphics. And good job for only having a limited amount of time as well!