LB-KT–or “Katie”, as humans say– is a robot from times forgotten. LB-KT wakes up to find herself on a deserted island, without her battery charger and with a lot of questions.

Charge your battery before you run out of juice! Explore the mysterious island wisely: the more effort you spend, the less battery you have left. Will you find your way through the puzzle to the charging station, or will it all end with the blue screen of death? 


How to Play

Left Click Mouse = Move + Power

  • Click around the game to move the robot. 
  • Power up objects by spending battery to accomplish goals.
  • Explore with your cursor for hints.  


  • Sean Lange: development
  • Drew Funderburk: development
  • Wes Ruvalcaba: art
  • Marissa Epstein: UX, art, writing
  • Hunter MacDermut: music and sound
  • Jerad Bitner: 3D art
  • Mary Ferguson: UX, writing

Jam Details

  • Completed in under 72 hours, with original graphics and sound
  • Theme: Life is Currency
  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Graphics: Photoshop and Google Poly
  • Music & Sound Effects: GarageBand and BFXR

We would really appreciate if you tried it out and gave us a rating and any feedback in comments. Thank you!

Noted Updates/Fixes

  • 9:53 PM April 29, 2019 - Added a PC and MAC version, no code changes.
  • 9:39 AM May 2, 2019 - Bug Fix, Collider for 'end of game' was not working consistently for users, adjust the size and z-index.


Download 31 MB
Download 48 MB

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