Keep your stupid fancy goldfish alive, long enough to give him a full, happy life. But the universe has it out for little Gilbert! Rack up happiness before he dies from hunger or bad hygiene.

How to Play

  • Win when the happiness meter is full (10 smilies) 
  • Lose when hunger or hygiene runs out (3 strikes) 
  • Use mouse or touch screen to drag cards
  • Play 2 cards per turn by dragging them to the middle play area 
  • To end your turn, discard 1 card to the right

The Team

Sean Lange // Marissa Epstein // Wes Rulvacaba // Johnny Mercuri // Matt Levine 

Jam Details 

  • Completed in under 72 hours, with original graphics and sound
  • Theme: Keep It Alive 
  • Game Engine: Unity 
  • Graphics: Photoshop

We would really appreciate if you tried it out and gave us a rating for Ludum Dare. Thanks!


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Great game! From all the LD46 games I played I found this one of the more interesting game. It has good audio, good art and animations look juicy. Only thng you could improve is to make the player understand better what the top pile of card do and when they influence the game (for me that was unclear). But for a game jam game this is very great! And I can even see this as an alright game outside the game jam.