This game was made in a few days for the Weekly Game Jam. The theme was 'Bad Cooking'!

My goal was to focus on something fun and that utilized some of the game design research I have been doing. I wanted to take a non platformer approach, do something playful. There was A LOT more I could do, but this is as much as I could get in the time I had.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity


Download 30 MB
Download 30 MB


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I like it! Short and sweet, and the mechanic stays welcome throughout the game (I like how tactile it was)

It might also be nice to have a sort of "maximum" amount of time that the shakers can be off-screen. I like the idea of an extra bit of challenge as you try and snag them, but a couple of times I found myself just waiting for the right spice to appear again and watching the meters go down. Once I did though, it did feel nice to get the meter just right and hit that "Serve Now" button to get it just in time!

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Cool game, really liked the spice shaking mechanic, although it felt a bit off at times -- the "shake" motion detection seemed a bit off? Took a bit to find the "right" way to shake.

Would have been neat to have the shakers shake out particles that then fall into the pot.

The score didn't really seem to matter in the end

The title screen seemed to be really buggy (this is on the web version). The instructions show up automatically without you having to press the button. The quit button (there shouldn't really be one) freezes the whole thing.