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Thanks for the Review!


the iframe is too big for my screen

it goes on my nerve !

but it looks good :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Damn guests always stole the towels. Until we made them really heavy. :)

Nice idea. I like the mechanics that you are always only able to carry one item and that it stays visible in your hand and interactive.

It is sometimes difficult to navigate and takes more than one click and once he went straight to the target, ignoring the stairway. :D

Overall it works pretty good, though and is fun to play.

PS: Should have waited to send this comment out, the send button kicked me straight out of the game. XD

Thanks so much for the feedback. So happy it's fun, that was goal one. You make some treat points that will really help me on the next Jam! Thanks!


You can finish the game by just clicking on the woman and then on the exit. :)